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I spend a lot of time taking pictures of other families, special moments, and celebrations.  But with my family, it’s easy to forget to pull out the camera – or, I am too busy taking pictures to enjoy the moment.  This year I decided I would embark on a Project 365.  If you don’t know what that means, it’s a term used for taking one picture each day throughout the year.  I’m loosely following this, because some days I just don’t remember to pick up my camera or I am sick.  I am making it easier on myself by also taking iPhone pictures, when I don’t have my big camera with me.  The pictures are for myself and my family, not necessarily to share with everyone else.

Why a Project 365?

I particularly wanted to embark on this project in 2017 because we are due with our second baby in July.  Our son is now 3 (and a half, if I’m honest), and his personality is just skyrocketing!  I want to capture these moments that we have, and remember the crazy things that he does.  I also want to make sure I have photographs of him with his baby brother or sister.  We sit down with our son right now and look through baby pictures of him, and he loves seeing what he was doing and how different or similar it is to now.  I can’t wait to sit down with both kids in the future and look back at these pictures!

Can Anyone Do This?

Any equipment will work for a Project 365!  On a professional camera, regular point and shoot, or even just your phone.  The important part is taking the pictures!  I know moms, especially, are pretty good at taking pictures of their kids with their phones.  But those pictures are just snapshots, there isn’t a specific purpose to them, and often they just stay on the phone forever (or worse, get lost when the phone crashes!).  Be more deliberate with what you take pictures of.  What do you want to remember 5, 10, or 15 years from now?  I will post examples of memories I have captured below.  I want to remember how his little hands looked when they held his train, or how much he loved his stuffed dog, “Monkey”.

Isn’t It Too Late to Start a Project 365?

No, it’s not! This is for YOU, so start it anytime!  Now!  But don’t forget; those pictures shouldn’t stay on your computer or phone forever.  Print them out!  Make a photo book, or print 4 x 6s.  Most of all, have a way to share them years from now.  Good luck, and I’d love to see some pictures that you have captured!

Working with his tools

Tiny hands on his favorite train

He loves going downhill

Cardboard tubes are fun!

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