Best Photography Locations in Flower Mound

Best Photography Locations in Flower Mound

Flower Mound is an amazing little town, and we are so fortunate to have some great locations for photo sessions right here.  Whether you want a more urban or rural location, there’s likely to be something here that meets your needs.  I’ve compiled a list of the best locations here, as well as some details about each location, to help you decide what is best for you.

  • Stone Creek Park – this little location is a hot spot for portraits, especially in the Fall season.  The creek is accessible, so you can climb in and have your portrait taken among the beautifully weathered boulders that line the creek bed.  There is also a walking path with grass and trees along it, as well as two bridges that work well for pictures.  I especially love this location for maternity portraits.
  • Murrell Park Grapevine Lake Family Pictures photography locations in flower mound
    Murrell Park Family Pictures

    Murrell Park – this beautiful lake location has a little bit of everything.  You can have images done right next to the lake (or in the lake, at some points), or there’s a beautiful field with tall grass that gets perfect evening sunlight.  Gravel tree-lined roads make for beautiful backdrops, as well.  There is such variety here, I love using it for just about every type of session.

  • Green Acres Farm Flower Mound Family Pictures photography locations in flower mound
    Green Acres Farm Family Pictures

    Green Acres Farm Memorial Park – this little grassy park is perfect for those with little ones.  It is usually quiet, so there are few distractions other than the cows that might come up to the fence.  There is a dirt path, and two small gray silos, as well as a white fence.

  • Parker Square Branding Pictures photography locations in flower mound
    Parker Square Branding Pictures

    Parker Square – this is an urban location in Flower Mound that I love using for branding sessions and seniors.  Brick walls, glass windows, a little gazebo, concrete steps, and take a minute to visit one of the shops.  Hive Bakery and Edison Coffee Company are two of my favorites!

  • The Riverwalk – a newly developed area, this location has new buildings, rocks surrounding a man-made creek area, and a chapel out on the pond that makes for a beautiful backdrop.
  • Heritage Park Flower Mound Family Pictures photography locations in flower mound
    Heritage Park Family Pictures

    Heritage Park – this is a large park designed by the town, which includes a pond with fountain and bridge, tall trees, a concrete walking path through the trees, and a big field.  It is a great location for someone who doesn’t have the ability to walk very far, but wants a more natural setting.

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