Family Pictures at Grapevine Lake

Fall Pictures at Grapevine Lake

Family pictures in Flower Mound.

If you haven’t already heard, I love taking family pictures at Grapevine Lake! Specifically, I like going to Murrell Park and exploring with my families.  We can get such a variety of images at this one location, and even if it’s busy we can almost always find a quiet spot.  There is a beautiful field, or we can explore along the shoreline and get some rocky sunset portraits.  I usually don’t venture closer to the water until it’s nearer to sunset, so that it’s a little darker and we can capture the beauty of the water.  So my typical sessions start in the trees or the field, and then we travel.

This was the second year I got to photograph this precious family and their two boys. The previous year, I remember their youngest shared a Nilla wafer with me as soon as he met me. He was so sweet and I’ve come to know that he and his older brother are just all around two good kids with kindness in their hearts.  This year, their older son barely let me out of my car before giving me a hug! They sure know how to make a photographer feel welcome and cared about. I can always tell how much these two love each other, and the fun that this family must have together. It was such a pleasure to see them again!

When I work with families, I always get a variety of images of the whole family together.  I know that most of the time, those are the most important ones for my clients.  But I also make sure to capture siblings together, and each child on their own.  It’s important to me that I can capture their personalities.  Sometimes, it’s a huge honest smile, and other times it’s a quiet gaze.  I also capture parents together without their children, just showing their own relationship.  These are all captured during each of my family sessions.

Grapevine Lake Family Pictures_0145

Grapevine Lake Family Pictures_0145

Grapevine Lake Family Pictures_0145


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