How to Meet New Friends with a Newborn or Preschooler

Staying at Home and Meeting New Mom Friends

Newborn baby on white blanket

I know when I first quit my job to stay home with my young son, I was concerned that we would never get out and be with other people. I had met friends while teaching, but of course they were busy when I now had free time. I no longer wanted to schedule things on the weekends and evenings, because that was our family time when my husband got home. How was I to find friends and ensure that my son had socialization outside of his two short preschool days?

Find Local Activities

One of the best things to do is find local activities that will get you around other people with similar aged kids. Here locally, the Flower Mound Public Library and Lewisville Public Library have some great story times for young kids, as well as special activities scheduled throughout the year. You can often find the same people going to the story times each week, and it’s a very relaxed place to hang out afterwards and chat a bit.

Sign Up For Parent and Child Classes

There are a lot of classes you can sign up for that will get you around other kids of the same age, and their parent. I did gymnastics at two different places (Winkids and Best Gymnastics) and loved them both. I think it’s so great for them to see other kids their age, use their bodies, and it was so fun chatting with the other parents while we played. I also did swim lessons at AquaKids and met quite a few parents who were going through the same journey that we were. A few new places are opening up that I think are going to be great for local parents, too. KidStrong and The Little Gym are going to be great for our area!

Join a Gym

I’m not the most athletic, or healthiest, but I do try. And I wanted to make sure I took care of myself physically and mentally, as well. I tried Camp Gladiator and found a great community, but working out outside ended up not being the best for me. I joined Burn Boot Camp and have been there ever since. When you go to the later morning classes, there are a ton of other moms there with littles. We can work out knowing our kids are safe in the great childcare, and then we can go grab a brunch or a coffee together, or head to a park for a playground playdate. It’s a great way to meet friends and improve our mental and physical health. Other locations around that have childcare(but I haven’t tried) are Shapes Fitness and Lifetime Fitness.

Find a Club to Join

I am shy, introverted, and it’s super hard to step out there and introduce myself. I was doing research and found MOMS Club and thought it was a great fit, and boy was I right. I wanted to meet friends who would raise our kids together. It was a little easier for me since there were scheduled playdates, moms night outs, and other activities throughout the year. After 6 years in the club, I don’t know what I would have done without it. My son grew up with friends who are still friends, and their moms are some of my closest friends, as well. My daughter has met so many kids, some are like big brothers or sisters to her. It’s been absolutely phenomenal, and I’m so glad the club was around when I was searching. I’ve since found there are other groups that work- moms groups at churches (Moms Together is one I hear about a lot!), and groups on the Meetup app.

Meet Your Neighbors

I have a confession – I have lived in the same house for about 6 years, and I still don’t know all of my neighbors. I know quite a few now, but it’s hard to step out there and meet new people. It’s also hard when it’s a million degrees outside in the summer, because you don’t see everyone playing outside like you might otherwise. But our neighbors have become good friends, and it’s absolutely amazing that my son has a group of neighbor friends who hang out together. So, introduce yourself. Especially if you see a neighbor with young kids!

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