Vision Boards 101

Vision Boards 101

How to Start Your Year Off Right

My newborn clients are typically moms who are busy with life, and have goals for their family and themselves that they strive to work on each year. This year, I’m focusing my goals into the idea of a Vision Board. Have you heard of them?  They are a way to put on paper your goals for the year without just listing them out.  It’s the same idea as posting an old skinny picture of yourself on the fridge, but way better and more positive.  

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In an article from Huffpost, the author writes “Your vision board should focus on how you want to feel, not just on things that you want.”  Does having coffee with friends make you feel less stressed?  Does working out make you feel more energetic?  Does an organized calendar make you feel like you can take on the world? (Or is that just me?)  Put pictures, words, and/or items on your board so that you can look up at them and visualize all of those amazing things happening this year.

Vision boards can be done on your computer, or they can be on a big poster board, or a regular sized piece of printer paper.  It doesn’t matter.  They can be colorful and artistic, or they can be mostly words!  I prefer a paper version, because I can put it up on the wall by my desk and always see it.  You have to be able to see it frequently, so you can visualize those things, so a computer version might not be the most helpful to you.  I really like a combination of words and pictures, but don’t like putting something 3-dimensional on mine. Others love all of those textured objects – so you do you!

I am planning to create my vision board for the year next week.  I encourage you to do the same, so you are starting off your year with a wonderfully positive item, specific to you, that can be used to help focus and guide you throughout the year. I’d love to see the board that you create!

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