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What’s In the Bag of a Newborn Photographer

I get asked a lot about the equipment that I use when I’m shooting my newborn sessions. Between the camera, lenses, lighting, and props, I get a good workout in as I travel to my clients. I pick the props I bring based on consultations with my clients, so everything I bring is something that will be used. Here’s a little look into the items that I use for my newborn posed and lifestyle sessions.

cameras, camera bag, and cf card holder for photography sessions

Camera Equipment for Newborn Sessions

Canon 5D Mark IV – This camera is a workhorse! I love that the colors come out beautiful already, and the touch screen is amazing.

Sigma 35 Art – The first professional quality lens that I purchased, this is what I use 95% of the time for my lifestyle shots. It’s wide enough that I can include the environment in the frame. This is perfect for those pictures in the gorgeous nurseries my clients have created! I also use this for some of my newborn posed images, as well.

Canon 50 1.8 – This is a great, basic prime lens. When I have more space to move around for my posed newborns, I sometimes like to use this one because it provides a tighter shot.

Canon 100 2.8L – Eyelashes? Toes? Curly newborn hair? All of my detail shots are done with this lens. It is AMAZING!

Paul C. Buff DigiBee and PLM system – I started out with natural light, but I really decided that I didn’t like having to worry about the sun. In the Dallas area, weather can change so quickly. I also really don’t like a ton of grain in my studio style pictures. I love sharp and crisp images!

Other Things I Bring

Lens Pen – This is what I use to get dust off my lenses and make sure they are clean before each session. I always bring one with me just in case I might need it!

Extra Battery – I’ve never had one die on me, but I don’t want to risk it!

Extra SD Cards – My camera shoots on both SD and CF cards, and I have it save to both simultaneously, so that if one card ends up corrupted I still have those files. But I like to have extra cards just in case.

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Melinda Wilkinson Photography is a Flower Mound, Tx portrait studio providing services to the surrounding Dallas and Denton communities.  I photograph posed newborns and maternity sessions, and provide my clients with beautiful artwork to look back on.  I love getting to know new families during this exciting time!  

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