Winter Maternity Sessions at Murrell Park

Winter can be a tough time to find beautiful locations for sessions, but Murrell Park in Flower Mound always provides beautiful backdrops. The large field, lake, and tall trees provide a variety of different locations within one area. In the field, I love to capture lots of motion and movement. Walking, snuggling, or maybe a little dance with a dip. It’s also a beautiful place to get that gorgeous golden sunset color as the light filters through the trees. There are a few more forest-like locations that I love for the shade they provide and the intimacy. With nobody else around and trees surrounding you, I photograph the two of you as you celebrate this exciting time. Look into each others eyes, think about how wonderful it is to feel the baby move, and hold each other close. Grapevine Lake is perfect for our last stop, because the sun is down and hopefully painting beautiful colors across the evening sky. It’s always nice to have some clouds in the sky that really show off for us at sunset.

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