Family Photography in Dallas

Family sessions are more than just a quick picture for your Christmas card. They are a way to document the haircut your son chose, and the dress your daughter refuses to take off. You can look back at the times when your daughter had to hug your legs because she wasn’t tall enough to really hug you, yet. And you remember the giggles that you heard when your husband tossed your little 9 month old in the air and caught him.

We definitely capture those perfect Christmas card poses with the whole family (dog included!) looking at me and smiling. But there is so much more to capture than that. We get all of the different groupings of the family – dad with kids, mom with kids, dad with sons, dad with daughters.. And of course, the kids on their own! Do you remember when your son lost his front two teeth and his tongue ended up sticking out when he smiled? We’ll capture that. These are the pictures that you will look through in the next 5, 10 and 20 years. Because it’s so hard to remember specific details, but they make us smile and laugh when we see them again.

Our family photography sessions in Dallas are up to an hour long, at an outdoor location of your choosing. We select a location together after discussing what you would like to accomplish with your session. If you would prefer a studio setting, we can also provide that for an additional fee.

Family session fee is $100. Digitals, prints, and products are sold separately. Contact me for more details and to book your session.