Highland Park Family Pictures

A family session in the middle of Dallas, Tx.

Davis Park(located in Highland Park) is an elegant location for many types of sessions, and I just love it for the occasional family session. There is lots of greenery and ivy, tall trees, and stonework with a beautiful bridge.  It works well for many different types of sessions, families included.  The actual location is actually a little lower than everything else in the area, so it gets dark a little earlier.  This is really helpful for young families and those sessions in the summer when it doesn’t get dark until 8:30.  Kids can definitely get grumpy when it’s past their bedtime, so we can start our session a little earlier at this location.

This family was so sweet, and I loved that they let their son show off his personality and bring something that he really enjoyed. It makes the session much more memorable, and creates some pictures that the whole family will look back and smile at. He really wanted to wear his Chewbacca costume, so once we got the regular family portraits done, he got to be Chewy and we got a few more fun ones in. I absolutely LOVE getting to create images like this, especially when it helps the kids relax and enjoy the moment!

As with all of my family portrait sessions, I always make sure I get pictures of the whole family looking at my and smiling.  They might not always be the most stylistic, but I think they are so important to have.  Then I move in and capture the family interacting with each other, laughing, holding hands, and hugging.  Then I focus on each child individually, and try to capture who they are by themselves.  I usually start with the youngest first, and work my way up in age.  Finally, parents get an image with just themselves, with no children.  I love being able to separate them out and show that who they are together matters, too.

Davis Park Family Session

Davis Park Family Session

Davis Park Family Session


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